Miakon Borba Reaching the souls in Florida

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Arpil 4th Update

1) LST LESSONS: the LST lessons have been going great. Two students canceled (Marli and Michele). However, we were quickly able to fill their spots with two other students. Their names are Natscha and Flavia. They’re both Brazilian, from the state of Minas Gerais, and are working here as cleaners. 
  • Natascha is a contact from a Brazilian hair salon Tati went to a couple of times here in Deerfield Beach (she left a bunch of flyers there). She is married and her husband works with deliveries. She is coming to our apartment and is having the lessons here in our study.
  • Flavia is friends with my cousin’s wife. She lives in North Miami and is taking her lessons via Zoom.
Starting this Saturday morning, we are going to have a weekly LST group class at the church building from 10:30 to 12:00. This is a way to accommodate the many students that have shown interest in the lessons and we just couldn’t take them on because of our schedules being too full. So far we already have 10 people who signed up for this.
Please continue to pray for our LST students and our involvement with them. We pray that we continue to get closer to them and share the love and Gospel of Jesus with them.
2) BIBLE STUDY IN PORTUGUESE: our Bible study in Portuguese at the church building is going well. This week we’ll be studying Acts 6 and having pulled pork for dinner. Unfortunately, the Martins family has stopped coming but we are getting wonderful participation from brethren in Brazil and here in the States via Zoom and Facebook Live.
3) OUR VISAS: we finally heard back from USCIS. They sent a letter requesting some more information. Mr. Jerry from the Village CoC and I, with the help of our immigration attorney, were quickly able to collect all the data that they needed. Our attorney should review the forms and mail them to USCIS soon. We believe this is actually good news because they will likely resume and finish our case as soon as they receive the new forms. Please continue to pray especially hard for our visas now as we have less than two months of legal status left.
4) COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN BRAZIL: please continue to pray for the pandemic in Brazil. It keeps getting worse and we are so worried for friends and family. Yesterday hit another record with over 4K deaths in one single day. On a positive note, Tati’s grandma and mom have already been fully vaccinated and the rest of our families are now receiving the first dose (Tati’s father had his today).
5) OUR COVID-19 VACCINES: Tati got her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today. Maikon is getting his first dose on Sunday!
We love you all so much and really appreciate your prayers!! Thanks a lot for all that you do for us!
In Jesus,
Maikon Borba