Our Vision for the Youth!


We are a group of young people who desire to have a heart like Jesus. Having a heart like Jesus consists of having compassion on those who have needs, sharing with them the hope we have in Christ, and serving people as he did while he was on earth. What is our ministry to families with youth?

Holistic  –  Our goal is to strengthen the entire family. Study after study shows that the biggest influence on a young people’s faith development is their parents. Why should we treat parents and students as two completely separate entities? We believe that parents who are encouraged, supported, and strengthened are the most effective youth ministers there are. Parents will be involved in the life of a student long after high school graduation. Long-term faith development is always best achieved when parents are aided in their desire to fulfill their most important job—raising faithful followers of Jesus.

Intentional  –  Everything we do has a purpose. The purpose of the VCOC Youth & Family Ministry is CROSS-centered. Every event, activity, or ministry we are involved with must fulfill our purpose.

Multi-generational  –  We believe that an adult presence is essential to healthy faith development for teenagers. therefore, we encourage adults no matter what your age is to serve as mentors and ministers to our students. Some of their roles include small group leader, trip leader, and Bible class teacher. Often when a teenager is seeking advice or guidance, they will turn to someone other than mom or dad. Our adult volunteers and our minister are there to fill that role with God-centered advice.

Eternal  –   Youth ministry should never be measured by how many students come on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night. Effective ministry to families with youth is measured by a student’s relationship with Jesus five years after graduation.