More About Us


Our core team is made up of our lead evangelist Macky Shedd and his wife Danielé, our youth minister D’Mitri Lewis, and my wife and myself. Macky and Danielé are from Huntsville, AL where Macky served as the campus minister for Central Church of Christ for 20 years. D’Mitri was a disciple in the campus ministry that Macky lead for many years.


Brett Maessen is the Campus Minister of The CrossWay Columbia, a new church plant in Columbia, Missouri. Brett has trained and led small groups in one of the most evangelistically effective campus ministries in the country for the past 5 years.  Brett has learned to make disciples, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey everything God has commanded of them. Brett was baptized into Christ seven years ago through the Youth Ministry at The Crossings Church Wentzville. Brett holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Lindenwood University. Brett and Ashlin, his wife, have been married for a little over a year and a half and just recently had their first child. 

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